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About Me

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I started getting into photography when I decided to go on a long trip abroad. I knew I would like to have physical memories on top of the memories in my mind. I also knew that very few of those experiences will actually stick with me years later. That's just our nature and we tend to forget.

At first, I was contemplating whether to even buy a camera or just rely on my brand-new smartphone. Although I was inclined to stick with the phone (less hassle, less expensive, etc') I changed my mind, after I have heard from many people that they wish they had a decent camera to capture the great moments of their trip.

So, I went ahead and bought a professional camera. At the time, I had absolutely no knowledge about how to use a camera, let alone to take professional photos with it.  I also knew the mere camera itself won't help me to take better photos. In order to address that, I took an online photography course and grew from there. I fell in love with photography from the first moment. It drove me to spend more time in places, explore them to their full potential and view things I would have not seen otherwise.

As the trip progressed, I became better every day at an exponential rate. The more photos I took, the more I learned from my mistakes and the better I had become. Moreover, I continued learning from many online sources and every time I wanted to know a new technique, I would search it, learn it and implement it. Thus, growing my knowledge even more. Along the way, I have also acquired more gear - more lenses, more filters, a better tripod, etc'. All of those things together helped me to better capture the images I saw in my mind.

During my trip, I have met many people that were amazed by my work and prompted me to take it to the next level once I get back home.

By the end of the trip (that lasted 18 months), I have been to many places, captured numerous images and was beginning to think whether I should do something with all of those images, as others suggested.

Therefore, rather than just have them as memories, I decided to take it one step forward and build my own website.

For me, photography is a way to preserve for a long time, something we saw for a brief moment

For me, to see my hard-worked images come to life in other forms and places, is the greatest honor of all

Thank You

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